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Photography and copyright

While we understand that you may want to take photographs of works in the Museum, we would like to advise that the Museum does not own copyright of any of the works on exhibition. Copyright is owned by the artist, and protected under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. This also applies to international works while they are exhibited in our Museum.

Visitors are welcome to have handheld cameras and mobile devices in the Gallery. Unless otherwise advised, you may use these for personal purposes to the extent authorised by the Australian Copyright Act 1968 for example, for ‘research or study’, ‘criticism or review’.

For the consideration of other visitors, and for safety reasons we ask that you refrain from taking photographs with a flash. Tripods, monopoles or selfie sticks are not permitted in the gallery.

Some artworks may have very strict photography guidelines, for example as part of the loan agreement, and in these cases, notification will be provided.

Please note that this is general information only, and the Museum and its staff are unable to provide legal advice.

Further information:
General information regarding copyright is available on the Australia Copyright Council website: www.copyright.org.au.

For further enquiries, please contact:
Nicola Stairmand
T: 03 5957 3100
E: museum@twma.com.au