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The Area

Less than an hour from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley offers amazing art, quality local food and wine, breathtaking scenery, romantic hideaways and indulgent adventures.


The Yarra Valley is a cool climate region with average temperatures of:
Summer – 26.6°C
Autumn – 20.4°C
Winter – 14.1°C
Spring – 19°C

National Parks

The State & National Parks in the Yarra Valley are free to enter. For more information on parks in the region and any safety advice, please visit Parks Victoria’s website.


There are a wide variety of accommodation types and locations in the region that will suit any group size or budget.


Healesville – The place to be for great coffee, food, shopping and art. Also home of the Healesville Sanctuary.

Yarra Glen – Home to some of the country’s best known wineries as well as the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery family attraction.


The Grounds

The Grounds

Tarrawarra Museum of Art is sited on the psycho-geographical edge of a city region. Viewed from the mind’s eye of the central city, it nestles in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, a range named because it did just that: divided the coastal, civil fringe of Australia from the fearsome Voss-like other of the vast interior. The museum is situated so as to set us within what Allan Powell, its architect, call “states of mind”, conditions that are specific to our position relative to those poles. not simply in terms of our literal ‘GIS’ (Global Information Systems) locations: “Fifteen kilometres out in the suburbs we are overcome by the loss of the orchards that were painted in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by the artists of Melbourne’s Heidelberg School”, but always in a dialogue between where we have come from, where we are now and where we could be, in time and place.