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Photography and copyright


Commercial Photography

TarraWarra Museum of Art Limited (ACN: 093 516 495) and TarraWarra Estate Pty Ltd (ACN: 006 086 480) share the same grounds, but have clear operational and physical delineations. They operate as entirely separate businesses. The Museum is a not-for-profit institution while the Estate is a commercial operation. As it is impossible to separate the buildings, views and grounds for the purposes of film and photography, both the Museum and Estate have developed a Permit to cover the areas managed by both entities.

For the purposes of Commercial Photography, the applicant must provide a Permit Application Form, and if approved, a signed Agreement. There is a non-refundable Permit Application Fee of $75.


Download Permit Application Form

Please contact the Museum for further information.

Personal Photography 

Copyright of artworks is owned by the creator of the artwork, the artist’s estate, or a party designated by the artist or the artist’s estate, and protected under the Australian Copyright Act 1968.

While we understand that you may want to take photographs of the exhibition artworks, the Museum does not own copyright of the works and where applicable, must apply best practice to protect the copyright holders’ right to not have their works photographed. Where artworks have strict copyright conditions which prohibit photography as part of the loan agreement with the copyright holder, the owner of the artwork, or the lending institution, notification of photography restrictions is provided by Museum staff or listed on artwork labeling.

Where photography of artworks is not restricted by copyright, and unless otherwise advised, you may use photo images of the artworks for personal purposes to the extent authorised by the Australian Copyright Act 1968, for example, for ‘research or study’, ‘criticism or review’.

Please note that that this is general information only, and the Museum and its staff are unable to provide legal advice on Copyright. Further information is available at the Australia Copyright Council website www.copyright.org.au

Visitors are welcome to use handheld cameras and mobile phone cameras in the Museum to take photos, however, for the protection of the artworks and consideration of other visitors the use of flash is not allowed. Camera tripods, monopoles or selfie sticks are not permitted in the Museum.