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Virtual Slow Art Day

Rosalie Gascoigne, 'Club Colours' 1983









Rosalie Gascoigne
Club Colours 1983
painted and stencilled wood from soft-drink boxes on plywood backing
172.5 x 129.5 cm
TarraWarra Museum of Art collection
Gift of Eva Besen AO and Marc Besen AO
Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program 2009
© Rosalie Gascoigne Estate

Jenny Watson, 'He’ll Be My Mirror' 2013









Jenny Watson
He’ll Be My Mirror 2013
Liquitex acrylic, Holbein pigments and haberdashery on rabbit skin glue-primed Belgian linen
251.7 x 140 cm
TarraWarra Museum of Art collection
Acquired 2013


Today we meet in the virtual realm to take part in the global event Slow Art Day. One day each year, people all over the world visit local museums and galleries to look at art slowly. This year, galleries and museums around the world will host Slow Art Day events online. We are so pleased you have chosen to spend your time with us here at TarraWarra Museum of Art! The goal for this slow looking session is to focus on the art and the art of seeing in a virtual context.

The two artworks we will look at today are part of the Making Her Mark: Selected Works from the Collection exhibition. This exhibition, curated by the Museum’s Director Victoria Lynn, opened in February, and while we are sorry we can’t welcome you to the Museum, we are excited to be able to share a couple of works with you online for Slow Art Day.


  • We have selected the above two artworks for you to to take a long look at. Click each thumbnail to view the image at full-screen size.
  • This event is a self-directed viewing session. You can choose the order that you look at the artworks in.
  • We encourage you to spend approximately 15 minutes looking at each artwork.
  • You’re welcome to make notes or draw while you look. We encourage you to share your notes or drawings using the hashtags #TarraWarraMA and #SlowArtDay2020.
  • Slow looking sessions work best if you are in a quiet place and if you refrain from doing any kind of reading or research about the artworks that you’re looking at. Focus on what you can see, and what you experience while looking at the artworks online.
  • Once you’ve looked at both artworks, please join our Education Coordinator Shannon on our Instagram (instagram.com/tarrawarrama) or Facebook (facebook.com/TarraWarraMA) pages where she’ll lead everyone in an online discussion, and you can share your thoughts on what you’ve seen and experienced while looking at artworks slowly in the virtual realm.
  • We hope you have a great time taking in these two artworks and thank you for joining us for Virtual Slow Art Day!