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16 September 2021

First Nations map of language groups

Discover the diverse languages and home Countries of WILAM BIIK artists First Nations Curator Stacie Piper explains how language groups and home Countries informed her curatorship for WILAM BIIK: “When it came to curating this exhibition I decided there was only one place to start — with Country, the story of Home. I have always […]

16 September 2021

Crediting works to Liwik (Ancestor)

First Nations Curator Stacie Piper discusses the inclusion of Liwik in WILAM BIIK For WILAM BIIK, curator Stacie Piper chose to refer to some works as ancestral tools and adornments, and credit the maker as Liwik (Woiwurrung word for Ancestor), rather than using the Western museum terminology of artefacts or objects by maker ‘Unknown’. WILAM […]

14 September 2021

Ask a Curator Day 2021

TarraWarra Museum of Art Director, Dr Victoria Lynn, joins in Ask A Curator Day Ask A Curator Day is a global initiative to give the public direct access to curators at museums and galleries around the world. This year, curious community members asked the following fabulous questions about curatorship and the art industry: Q How […]

2 September 2021

Kelp in Art

“Kelp is my sanity and my strength.” – Nannette Shaw The importance of kelp to WILAM BIIK artist Nannette Shaw can’t be understated. It underpins her artwork, her connection to Country, her life. “Working with kelp centres me, connects me to my Ancestors, lifts my Spirit and just makes me feel good.  When I looked […]

27 August 2021


Discover how songlines are woven through WILAM BIIK as First Nations Curator Stacie Piper shares what songlines mean to her and explains how these Ancestral routes informed her curatorial work for WILAM BIIK. WILAM BIIK is an exhibition of cultural consciousness and knowledge, of an unsevered connection between First Peoples of South East Australia and their […]

26 August 2021

Listen to WILAM BIIK music playlist

Get into the spirit of WILAM BIIK, curated by Stacie Piper, with a special playlist of Indigenous music. As you listen, picture yourself resting by a river, the surface of the water gently rippling as it flows past you. Breathe in the minty aroma of the Coranderrk bush. Rub the rich, warm earth between your […]