Photo: Fergus Floyd

Brick Donation Drive

Sunday 14 July 2013 - Tuesday 10 September 2013

Donate your bricks
The history of Coranderrk and Healesville is the subject of a major new public artwork being created by two artists, Jonathan Jones and Tom Nicholson, in collaboration with Auntie Joy Murphy Wandin.

If you have any entire bricks that you are able to donate for this project please contact us:
Tarrawarra Museum of Art
5957 3100

New or pre-loved, anything from a single brick to a whole pallet load will be gladly accepted. We do need entire bricks (eg no halves).

The project
The project seeks to celebrate the significant Australian site of Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, which was an important centre for Aboriginal culture, economic self-reliance, and advocacy for the rights of Aboriginal people between 1863 and 1924.

When Coranderrk was dismantled by the Crown in 1924, its bricks were taken to help the expansion of Healesville. Please donate bricks back for this art project, as a way for the community of Healesville and the Yarra Valley to celebrate Coranderrk’s remarkable history.

Auspiced by Tarrawarra Museum of Art, this new artwork will involve seven monuments or markers placed in and around Healesville, each comprising of bricks, a flagpole and a stand of Coranderrk bushes. These seven mounuments will mark points along the boundary of the original Coranderrk estate. The bricks collected from Healesville and its surrounds will first be displayed at Tarrawarra Museum of Art from October 2013, as part of an installation by Tom Nicholson. They will then become part of the new public art work, created collaboratively by Nicholson, Jonathan Jones and Auntie Joy Murphy Wandin, to be installed in and around Healesville in early 2014.

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