Colin Duncan: lollypop forest, installation 1
installation view, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2004
Photo: John Brash

Colin Duncan: lollypop forest, installation 1

Past Exhibitions
7 November 2004 - 18 July 2005

Colin Duncan’s installation lollypop forest playfully blurs the boundaries between corporate branding and landscape representation. As he explains in his artist statement titled ‘Forest as corporate logo’, in this work, ‘small vector graphics of circles and rectangles join to make lollypops that populate the wall with a randomness of sown seeds of data. Laser cut from gloss black acrylic sheet they reflect the viewer and the surrounding space, constantly leading your gaze into the artwork and then back into the gallery. Like corporate signage or an advertising campaign, constantly repeated, their solarised after glow embeds itself into one’s consciousness.

Covering three adjoining walls lollypop forest, installation 1 appear like a tree clad hillside or a vast vegetation spotted plain. Its scale, three dimensionality and global graphic counterpoint to that icon of regional identity, landscape painting.’

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