Melbourne Masters Architecture installation view, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2004

Melbourne Masters Architecture

Past Exhibitions
14 November 2004 - 3 April 2005

Vibrant architectural cultures, like other intellectual domains, straddle two or three differing views about the nature of architectural endeavours. This exhibition explores Melbourne’s current international profile as a site of architectural production, arguing that this stems from the evolution since the mid-1980s of three poles of architectural discourse: the civic—concerned with expressing the narratives of the city; the technic—concerned with the discovering of the most effective intersections between form, program and space; and the poetic—concerned with ‘the states of mind’ into which users can be inducted.

Leon Van Schaik was invited to curate this first contemporary architecture exhibition for the Museum. The architects included in this project are Peter Corrigan (Edmonds and Corrigan), John Denton (DCM), Peter Elliot, Eli Giannini, Sean Godsell, Tom Kovac, Carey Lyon (Lyons), Rob McBride (McBride Ryan), Ian McDougal (ARM), Shane Murray, Allan Powell, Ivan Rijavec, Kerstin Thompson, John Wardle, Roger Wood and Randall Marsh.

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