Rosslynd Piggott
Dividing Infinity 2004-5
oil on canvas
150.2 x 300.2 cm
TarraWarra Museum of Art collection

Rosslynd Piggott
Dividing Infinity: A Room for Painting

Past Exhibitions
2 April - 19 June 2011

Since the late 1980s, Melbourne-based artist Rosslynd Piggott has shown consistently in Australia and internationally and is represented in all of the major museums throughout the country. With her elegant and beautiful work across a wide variety of media, she is regarded as one of our most thought-provoking independent artists.

This exhibition continues the long poetic dialogue the artist has pursued between the permanent and the ephemeral, the finite and the in-finite, and between the contrasting philosophies of the East and West. Featuring a selection of recent and new paintings, this exhibition evokes a quiet and reflective atmosphere in which viewers can take time to contemplate and absorb the subtle and delicate surfaces of these intriguing works.

With their formally spare and minimal compositions, Piggott’s paintings revel in the play of contraries.  The background of each work is often comprised of a nebulous, indeterminate and immaterial space saturated with a muted palette of pinks and greys, that subtly shifts and changes with the light. These broad surfaces are adorned with carefully executed and concisely placed forms such as dense, black holes, delicate flower petals, or dragonflies in their hundreds.  This approach arises from the artist’s longstanding enquiry into and fascination with notions of measurement and immeasurability, form and formlessness, the visible and invisible, the known and unknown, order and chaos and, ultimately, our relationship, as finite beings, to a universe of endless space and time.

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