Silvia Bächli
L–R: Without Title 1998, gouache on paper, 44 x 31 cm;
Without Title 1995, ink on paper, 35 x 25 cm
Courtesy of the artist

Silvia Bächli: Tables

Past Exhibitions
26 November 2006 - 25 March 2007

Tables is an exhibition of works by Swiss artist Silvia Bächli in collaboration with Swiss curator Martin Schwander. Bächli works predominantly with ink on paper, creating and grouping what she describes as ‘families’. For her first exhibition in Australia, Bächli has brought together six drawing-installations which are presented on six tables. Each table, which contain between five and nine drawings, is given a title: Schattenriss (Silhouette); Mitte (Centre); Weg (Path); Gesicht, Kleider (Face, Clothes); Hände (Hands); Interieur (Interior).

As Schwander observes, ‘The meticulously calibrated configurations of her delicate and fragile drawings function like “atonal sound imagery” with an impact both fascinating and disturbing. At the same time they combine an enigmatic brittleness with a deeply moving immateriality and weightlessness. The character and quality of the extremely personal imagery that has evolved in Silvia Bächli’s work over the past decades resembles diary-like notations in which memory and experience, products of the imagination and known realities are inextricably intertwined.’

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