Sue Saxon and Jane Becker
All that is solid melts into air (installation detail) 2011
LED cascade, eggshells
dimensions variable
© Sue Saxon and Jane Becker

Sue Saxon and Jane Becker:
All that is solid melts into air

Past Exhibitions
25 February - 27 May 2012

All that is solid melts into air is a site-specific project by Sydney-based artists, Sue Saxon and Jane Becker, who conceived this exhibition as a response to a prevailing anxiety and uncertainty in the natural and socio-political spheres and an increasing awareness of our vulnerability to uncontrollable destabilising forces.

The artists’ chosen medium of eggshells is apposite for evoking this sense of fragility and defencelessness in the midst of the overwhelming dynamisms that are reshaping our world. Cracked, fragmented, hollowed out or illuminated from within, the symbolic and formal properties of the eggshells are applied to intriguing effect in a series of small sculptures, a mosaic on paper, cursive script and a large-scale installation. These delicate and ephemeral works compel us to reconsider our relationship to nature and contemplate how our ongoing exploitation and degradation of the environment also diminishes humanity, further undermining and eroding our sense of connection to the natural world.

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