Joanna Lamb
Flatland Tennis Club Figure (a–d) 2006
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
each 88.5 x 122.0 cm
TarraWarra Museum of Art collection
Purchased 2006

Time and Place: Selected works from the TWMA collection

Past Exhibitions
12 April - 20 July 2008

Time and Place is the tenth exhibition in a series which focuses on the TWMA collection. In each exhibition, artworks have been placed within different contexts and interrogating them to reveal myriad layers of meaning and relationships.

Time and Place includes paintings that are made about specific places (normally reflected in their titles) which fixes them in time. They are arranged chronologically with abstract works from the same time providing punctuation and a moment of reflection in the flow of representational works. The abstract works too, reflect how time brings about change while influences experienced at that time are made obvious through comparison. The exhibition features works by Russell Drysdale, Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley, Joanna Lamb, and Janet Dawson along with many others.

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