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Looking Glass Looking Glass
10 May 2022

Curatorial conversation: ‘David Noonan: Only when it’s cloudless’

A curatorial conversation Listen to this curatorial conversation recorded live in the gallery between TarraWarra Director, Victoria Lynn, and artist David Noonan. While not a guided tour, this recording is an interesting insight into the solo contemporary exhibition David Noonan: Only when it’s cloudless, curated by Victoria Lynn. David Noonan: Only when it’s cloudless, curated […]

A bank of six screens displays a film featuring archival images with plumes of ink.
21 April 2022

The making of Mnemosyne: a 16mm film by David Noonan

An archive, a Bolex camera and a tank of water shaped David Noonan’s first 16mm film since 2001. Named for the Greek goddess of memory, Noonan’s Mnemosyne is borne of the memories of others, devised from a trove of archival images the artist built over two decades. To create Mnemosyne, Noonan sifted through his entire […]

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