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26 October 2023

The Soils Project: Dr Samantha Grover

Sharing transdisciplinary soil stories Soil scientist, Dr Samantha Grover applies the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology to address pressing socio-environmental issues such as climate change and food security. She recognises that solving our planet’s complex challenges demands collaboration across various disciplines, spanning the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.   An invitation to contribute, listen […]

25 October 2023

Creative prompt: How to draw outdoors

How to Draw Outdoors with Sarah Metzner, Manager of Learning and Engagement at TarraWarra Explore the art of drawing and the importance of using all of your senses – as you connect on Country and create artwork from your individual and unique perspective. This is an exercise for all skill levels. Below you find some […]

A museum visitor observes artwork at the David Noonan exhibition. Before them are collage on paper artworks hung framed on a white gallery wall. The visitor wears a dress with a pattern of thin blue and white stripes.
24 May 2022

Slow Art Mindfulness Session

Slow Art with Sarah Metzner Pause, observe, reflect. Take ten minutes today, at home, to fully observe an artwork with this slow art session guided by TarraWarra Museum of Art Educator, Sarah Metzner. Select an artwork that speaks to you, either one you have at home or an artwork you can access online. You’ll start […]

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