Victoria Together: Yandell Walton

‘Ecological Encroachment‘ by Yandell Walton
Yandell Walton creates installations that respond to site and interrogate new technologies to discover unique ways of creating and presenting works. She uses contemporary art as a vehicle to make the issue of climate change accessible to broad audiences, inviting them to consider the Anthropocene from various perspectives and interpret complex issues in a way that can inspire action and dialogue.

Ecological Encroachment is an interactive 360° video work that presents a speculative future where plants dominate and human life forms crumble. This work investigates ecological shifts due to human impact and highlights our inherent trajectory in the new era of the Anthropocene.

Created using emergent technologies including mobile scanning devices, photogrammetry, motion capture, and 3D animation, the complex arrangement shifts between actual and imagined spaces.

The work merges human and plant life to present cross-species forms, proposing an evolutionary life form where we are one with the environment.

Experience ‘Ecological Encroachment’ at Victoria Together 

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About the artist

Yandell Walton is a Melbourne-based artist whose work encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. Through work that melds architectural space with the projected image, Walton has become recognised for her immersive moving image works that merge the actual and the virtual to investigate notions of impermanence in relation to environmental, social, and political issues. The animation and sound design for Ecological Encroachment was created by Walton in collaboration with Tobias Edwards.

This project was commissioned by TarraWarra Museum of Art for Victoria Together and is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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