Victoria Together: YOMECIPLAY

You, Me, Sings by YOMECIPLAY
You, Me, Sings is a small musical ‘toy’ that invites you to compose ‘rain’ by connecting a curious collection of singing ‘entities’.

The latest in the YOMECI series of works that explore the playful potential of sound in its listening, performing, and making, the rain-inspired entities in You, Me, Sings reference the Yarra River and its adjacent flood plains which lie just a short distance south of TarraWarra Museum of Art.

In You, Me, Sings, the player is presented with a selection of these ‘entities’, each with its own characteristic note to sing.

As the player selects these ‘entities’ one-by-one, they are placed on top of each other. Players act as conductors, constructing their own musical sequences and discovering the sonic qualities (tempo, pitch, melody, etc.) of each ‘entity’.

Once a group of ‘entities’ have been placed into a stack they form a ‘choir’ who sing a chord together. As the player adds more and more ‘choirs’ a ‘rain storm’ accumulates and eventually falls, revealing the larger musical composition.

Part compositional device, part experimental game, and part audiovisual experience, there is no specific goal other than to find pleasing and novel compositions. You simply ‘play’ the rain you have brought together and hear it ‘sing’ around you.

Experience You, Me, Sings at Victoria Together

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About the artists

As the collective YOMECIPLAY, Uyen Nguyen, Max Piantoni and Matthew Riley create experimental playable works for exhibitions, festivals, and events that have been recognised internationally. Working together since 2019, the collaboration brings together each of their respective practices.

Uyen Nguyen is an animator, designer and filmmaker investigating the playful potential of sound in animation, games, and interactive media. Max Piantoni is an artist, developer, and designer specialising in the creation of interactive experiences and creative tools. Matthew Riley is a designer, academic, and researcher who has created playable media, augmented and mixed reality games, mobile media, public art and interactive installations.

This project was commissioned by TarraWarra Museum of Art for Victoria Together and is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Temporarily closed for exhibition installation. Open again 3 Aug